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As a company, we are responsible for the people we work with, for the environment in which we operate and for the social environment that we shape.

You can find the company policy here


The management at Herbst Zerspanungs- und Messtechnik GmbH declares itself responsible for the initiation and execution of a coordinated company policy.

This declaration includes management systems according to:
DIN EN ISO 9001:2015 and VDA6.1:2016 for quality management and
ISO 26000:2011 for social responsibility

Further systems are in development:
IATF 16949:2016 for quality management,
DIN EN ISO 14001:2015 for environmental management and
DIN EN ISO 50001:2018 for energy management

To maintain these systems, the necessary personnel capacities, investments, suitable training and running costs are being planned and made available.

With this combination of planning, control and improvement, we guarantee our customers that we will perform our core competencies – machining and measurement – to the correct quality, while saving resources and ensuring occupational safety.

For the benefit of our customers, suppliers and employees, we determine quality, environmental and energy goals to allow us to meet the demands of today and tomorrow in all the named fields.

Through the minimisation of risks and the exploitation of opportunities, we are continuously reducing errors, environmental impacts and resource consumption. We want to minimise risks to the company and convince customers of our abilities in machining, measurement and, in conjunction with the Hanomag Lohnhärterei Group, in the heat treatment of steel and aluminium materials.