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As a system supplier, we offer you a full portfolio of services!

We assume responsibility for all the production steps that follow the casting process. We offer you the shortest possible lead times and a central point of contact, from prototyping to serial production.

We offer the following production processes:


Leakage testing is a method to demonstrate the tightness of seals on a component.

At Herbst Zerspanungs- und Messtechnik GmbH, we employ various leakage test processes which can be integrated individually into the manufacturing process. We differentiate between tests on individual pieces underwater and differential pressure tests for higher quantities.


Penetration testing is a visual test in UV light with which hairline cracks open towards the surface are made visible. This test is a meaningful final inspection, especially after a preceding straightening process.


For the visual testing of small drill holes and cavities, we can offer to perform an endoscopy on your component. Technical endoscopy is a modern, low-cost method for non-destructive testing. This technology enables the visual inspection of component areas that are not visible to the naked eye, generates assessable documentation and offers certainty.


In the treatment of unfinished castings, or deburring, casting related sprues and burrs are removed. The component is restored to its original form and the risk of injury during handling is reduced.


We offer the installation or assembly of pre-fabricated parts or components to create a finished end product – from manual assembly to full automation.


Various measurement processes allow us to determine whether the specified contour and surface qualities have been met, a factor that significantly affects the quality of the end product.


As part of final testing, we carry our specific friction tests to ensure the ease of motion of rotating parts.


The manual or fully automated straightening of your components is integrated into our overall process.

Using our knowledge of the entire production chain for your product, we create component-specific straightening concepts. Critical positions are measured and brought into the desired original form using the straightening system. With a straightening concept tailored specifically to the component, we ensure the frictionless completion of subsequent manufacturing processes.

With the aid of linking concepts, we can present a fully automated straightening process for large series, making the overall process more effective and efficient.


X-rays can reveal cavities, porosities and material inclusions in the interior of a component. The testing criteria are specified in an error catalogue, which we prepare together with you.


Blasting optimises the surface of your component and essentially involves either cleaning or hardening blasting.


The mechanical characteristics of a component are influenced significantly by heat treatment.

In the Hanomag Lohnhärterei Group, we offer you a varied range of heat treatments for your components, from prototype to full series.


Component cleaning between individual work stages or before assembly is becoming more and more important. Herbst Zerspanungs- und Messtechnik GmbH employs various different washing systems and media. We will find the best-quality solution for your product.


Herbst Zerspanungs- und Messtechnik GmbH is characterised by its reliable delivery dates. We work flexibly with international freight forwarders and can also deliver your product to the desired location with one of our own vehicles