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Herbst Zerspanung- und Messtechnik GmbH are the people you need to talk to in the measuring systems field.
We offer you the following measuring services:

Tactile measuring systems

For internal, in-line control, Herbst Zerspanungs- und Messtechnik GmbH relies on tactile measuring systems. Our customers expect a high level of quality assurance from us. We record the critical features from the drawings, CAD designs and data in a precise measurement programme.

The equipment in our measuring rooms is compliant with the current standards and hence fulfil our customers’ expectations. All employees in the measuring systems department receive continuous internal and external training and further skills development.


Herbst Zerspanungs- und Messtechnik GmbH has many years of experience in measuring system consultancy and producing prototypes.

All quality requirements for the customer’s component are checked 100% and documented in the prototype test report (German abbreviation – EMPB).

Serial measurement

Our measuring systems are automated to a high degree. This is how we are able to provide our customers with the measurement results of high volumes of parts in a short time.

In order to ensure a smooth start to serial measurement, we also offer design and production services for component-specific measuring devices. Depending on the customer requirements, we can work flexibly for you in 3- or 4-shift mode.

Optical measuring systems

Optical measuring systems are capable of recording a large number of measuring points on a component in a short time. As in some systems there is no restriction on the extent of measurement, very large components can also be recorded.

In the optical measuring systems field, Herbst Zerspanungs- und Messtechnik GmbH uses systems from the providers Zeiss and GOM.

Measuring with Zeiss O-INSPECT

Zeiss O-INSPECT is a multi-sensor measuring device and is thus able to measure every feature to the best effect – through optical or tactile processes. The optical sensor allows contactless measurement of small and sensitive part surfaces. Through scanning, the tactile scanning sensor records numerous measuring points with low contact forces and very small sensing ball diameters.

The measuring points determined with the different Zeiss sensors can be combined for assessment.

Digitisation with GOM ATOS

The GOM ATOS system records many measuring points on the component and, from these, generates a three-dimensional polygonal model.  This polygonal model enables a nominal/actual comparison of the design data to be made.

In addition, component data can be provided in STL format for further use, e.g. for assessments, analyses or even reverse engineering.

Coordinate measurement with GOM TRITOP

The GOM TRITOP system can be used on the move and enables precise measuring points to be recorded on components of any size. These measuring systems can be used in quality assurance on models and prototypes and to record reference point fields for subsequent digitisation.

Surface and contour measurement

The Zeiss SURFCOM 200SD3 affords the option of carrying out various surface and contour measurements.

During surface measurement, roughness, profile and waviness parameters are captured and documented. Using contour measurement, complex contours and the smallest steps, chamfers and radii can be recorded and evaluated.

Measuring systems support

Herbst Zerspanungs- und Messtechnik GmbH offers you extensive support for all measuring systems.

On-site measuring service

Do you need support for your measuring tasks?
Do you have the measuring devices but lack qualified employees?
No problem! We will come to you and offer measuring system service on site!

Measuring programmes

We produce customised offline measuring programmes. We can test, simulate and install the programmes to order on site.

Measuring devices

Herbst Zerspanungs- und Messtechnik GmbH offers you a comprehensive plan covering everything to do with measuring systems; for us, this also includes the planning, design and manufacture of measuring devices.

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A current overview of our 3D measuring machines and other measuring
devices. We are constantly expanding our product range in the measuring
systems field and are thus always at the cutting edge of technology.

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